Chris Rees

Chris graduated from Cambridge University in 1987, with a degree in Natural Sciences.

He spent the first 12 years of his career in the electricity generation industry, working for the CEGB before privatisation and then National Power, where he was responsible for the development and application of risk based asset management techniques across a world-wide fleet of power stations.

Chris completed his MBA in 2000 and joined Risk Solutions as a specialist in holistic risk assessment and decision modelling methods. Since then he has worked at a senior level in the government, energy, and transport sectors, where he has been responsible for implementing strategic risk management frameworks and developing cost-risk-benefit models to support decision making for a range of clients including UNESCO, HSE, Defra, MoD, DVLA, Ofgem, Shell and BNFL.

Chris is married with two children, and dreams of one day opening his own restaurant.