Helen Wilkinson

Helen graduated from Manchester University in 1987 with a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry.

She joined UKAEA working in transport safety including assessing the risks of the transport of hazardous goods, radioactive materials and people by road, rail and air. Helen was one of the founding members of Risk Solutions, becoming a Director in 2001 with particular responsibility for delivering assignments into the Government and Public Sector.

Highlights of her career have included acting as the UK's scientific advisor on an International Atomic Energy Agency co-ordinated research programme into risk assessment methods, directing impact assessments and cost benefit analyses of control measures for foot and mouth disease and avian influenza, and most recently directing the quinquennial review of the Met Office's Hadley Centre for Climate Change Research.

A particular highlight was presenting Risk Solutions' findings on the efficacy and cost benefit of animal movement standstill regimes to the responsible minister, and knowing that this work contributed substantially to the decision to relax the 20-day standstill regime.