Paul Brand

Paul graduated from the University of Salford department of Aeronautical Engineering in 1982 (BSc) and then again in 1990 with a PhD in computational fluid mechanics of wind flow round buildings, joining the Atomic Energy Authority in 1990 to work on the safety and reliability of the UK nuclear power stations.

Over the following 10 years he become AEA Technology’s lead consultant on Project Risk Management on assignments for clients and providing training both in-house and for industry seminars. In parallel he developed a reputation as skilled and innovative workshop facilitator and was a member of AEA’s ‘High Potential Employee’ scheme.

Following the Ladbrooke Grove rail incident in 1999, Paul was invited to project manage the national rail industry group charged with restoring cross-sector liaison on the prevention of trains going through red signals. For two years he organised the work of the group while also engaging with the whole rail industry to coordinate their response to the post-incident actions imposed by the HSE. Some key initiatives developed by the group are still in use almost 20 years later.

In 2001 Paul left Risk Solutions and moved to Singapore as Consultant in Organisational Development (OD) in the HQ of an international charity working across 23 countries. Over the next 2-3 years he led an international review of governance and organisation with the international directors of the charity. Paul coordinated many of the the resulting change projects, which included changes to governance, management processes, financial processes, retirement programmes and the installation of a new worldwide financial system.

In 2009-10 Paul consolidated his organisational development learning through a 1 year programme with NTL, the leading OD body in the USA and moved back to Risk Solutions to bring that perspective to our policy and evaluation work. Since then he has led major, long term programmes of whole industry engagement and evaluation, including DEFRA’s water abstraction reform and DfT’s longer semi-trailer trial. Having also qualified as a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association for Facilitation he has led engagement events for DEFRA, The Environment Agency, DfT, Highways England, BEIS, OfWAT, The Royal Academy of Engineering, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Local Government Associatio.n

Outside of work Paul and his wife spend time chasing their son around various parks, spending time with our church, playing music, watching sci-fi blockbusters and travelling out of the country as much as possible.