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Client events

At least once a year we try to organise a get-together with our clients, socializing and exploring a topical risk theme. Click on the links to find out about our previous events:

An Enigma Variation

Cabinet War Rooms (October 2005)
With terrorism and national security at the top of the political agenda we chose a related theme for our 2005 client event. Having 'rendezvoused' at the Cabinet War Rooms our guests were set the challenging task of decoding intercepted messages to prevent an attempt on Churchill's life. The evening also gave us chance to explore the importance of making decisions despite uncertainty, taking account of societal concern and the need to present information in ways that inform and can be readily acted upon.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Lloyd's Building (June 2004)
Insurance has been a vital risk management tool for centuries and where better to explore the topic than the Lloyd's Building? Our guests formed 18th Century shipping consortia and competed against each other and an unlikely number of disasters (including pirates, unrest in the colonies and extreme weather conditions) to see who could amass the greatest wealth over the evening. In recognition of their efforts, we gave a donation to the winning team's charity of choice (Save The Children) and our chairman, Ray Proctor, rounded off the evening with anecdotes of how 'risk thinking' has evolved over the years.

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A Knight at the Temple

Middle Temple Hall (June 2003)
The Middle Temple Hall provided a classic setting for our light hearted examination of risk in the legal process. The need for a case to be proved 'beyond reasonable doubt' indicates that doubt can remain and that juries need to weigh up the risks to society of acquitting the guilty against those of punishing the innocent. To explore the issues, we invited our friends at The Spontaneity Shop to stage mock trials of Robin Hood and Sir Walter Raleigh, examining their conduct from legal and ethical perspectives, and asking our guests to pass judgement. Fortunately, both were acquitted!

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Good Times, Bard Times

Kensington Roof Gardens (June 2002)
Literature can provide an amusing and instructive insight into why people take risks. We decided to use scenes from popular Shakespearian plays to look at themes that resonate today. A talented troupe of actors presented scenes from Romeo & Juliet, Henry V and Midsummer Night's Dream plus an impromptu play, in the Elizabethan style, based on the experiences of two of our guests. The Kensington Roof Gardens provided an unusual setting for the event, with minstrels and street entertainers helping to evoke an Elizabethan atmosphere.

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Breaking the Mould

Leighton House (November 2001)
We chose the home of Lord Leighton to explore how innovators, in art as in all areas of life, take risks. Our guests were invited to take a few risks themselves by expressing their creative side through photographic compositions, poetry (on risk taking), plasticine sculptures and collages

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Of Trading, Ryskes and Remedyes

Chelsea Physic Garden (June 2000)
We chose the Chelsea Physic Garden to explore some topical risk issues with clients in June 2000. Guests were provided with a guide to the garden and notes drawing parallels between historic events and issues of today on the themes of:

  • fair trade & trading barriers
  • genetic modification & gene patenting
  • conservation & sustainability
  • drug development & testing

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A Transport of Delight

London Transport Museum (January 2000)
We saw in the new millennium with a look at transport safety in the appropriate setting of the London Transport Museum. Our guests were treated to a thought-provoking talk on risk in the transport sector, and how it feels to bear the risk of running a major transport service organisation by Denis Tunnicliffe, then Chairman of London Underground and Chief Executive of London Transport. Further food for thought was laid on in the form of our own temporary exhibits at the museum and a quiz on risk covering each of the major modes of transport.

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An Evening with Attitude

Hurlingham Club (July 1999)
The Hurlingham Club, by the banks of the Thames, provided a delightful summer evening backdrop of tennis, croquet, quiet lawns, shrubs and borders. Our theme built on a research project carried out in May and June, to collate and analyse references to 'risk' in the UK media. Attitudes to risk (and to the things people do to control risk) shape a great deal of our behaviour, and some provocative interactive sketches set the evening off in style.

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The Upside of Uncertainty

London Zoo (November 1998)
Our second event was held in November 1998 at London Zoo. The reception was held in the Aquarium (in sub-arctic conditions) followed by a presentation looking at how animals have thrived in even tougher environments! Skits, following the animal theme, suggested why the Dodo and others had failed to seize the Upside of Uncertainty.

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The Drama of Risk

National Theatre Museum (September 1997)
Our launch event was at the National Theatre Museum in Covent Garden with the 'drama of risk' as its topic. Risk Solutions' philosophy was presented (with the help of a young team of actors) under the themes of:

  • providing assurance in a changing world
  • developing new and better 'recipes' for risk control
  • engaging and communicating with stakeholders on risk topics.

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If you don't accept failure as a possibility, you don't set high goals, you don't branch out, you don't try - you don't take the risk.

Rosalynn Carter