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Integrated thinking

Our 'buzz' comes from making a difference to our customers and their organisations. Quality of thought is necessary, but not sufficient, to make that difference - good project management and (above all) good interaction with people, securing their enthusiastic buy-in and commitment, are other vital characteristics of our approach.

We tackle our assignments through a process of integrated thinking. Put simply our approach is structured, systematic and comprehensive, often using analytical models and frameworks to evaluate the scale of potential issues and their solutions.

We can work with you at every stage of an assignment, typically this will involve:

  • Defining the issues, understanding their impact on organisational objectives and outcomes and getting consensus on what needs to be done.
  • Researching the issues both within the organisation and experiences elsewhere; developing and exploring options.
  • Developing and populating models to predict the impact of preferred options on outcomes, and identifying the optimum solution.
  • Reporting our findings and testing our conclusions.
  • Developing implementation plans and providing ongoing training and support.

To each of our assignments we bring:

  • A uniquely skilled and experienced team who are passionate about finding the right solution for our clients – the team we offer will be the team you work with throughout.
  • Client focus – we design our approach to match your needs investing time and effort in ensuring we understand your requirement and maintaining focus on this throughout the assignment.
  • Innovation and creativity – use of innovative approaches within a tried and tested framework.
  • A commitment to, and talent for, effective communication with our clients, their customers and stakeholders and a commitment to knowledge transfer.
  • Evidenced conclusions and recommendations – and the ability to provide high quality decision information even in the face of great uncertainty or complexity.
  • An ability to adopt an interdisciplinary approach and break down functional divides.
  • A flexible, disciplined and inclusive approach to project management.
  • Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction – we will 'go the extra mile' to ensure you get what you need.

What our clients say:

"Friendly, interactive, personable tailor-made service. Pleasure dealing with you. Very intelligent staff."

"A meticulously well constructed and superbly conducted exercise."
Queen's Golden Jubilee Weekend Trust

"Very professional and dealt with a very challenging and changing brief in a responsive and flexible way."