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As a growing business we frequently have opportunities for the right people to join us; people who think the way we do and are committed to delivering first class projects. When we are not actively recruiting, we keep any suitable CVs we are sent on file.

Working for Risk Solutions

Working for Risk Solutions offers the advantages of:

  • Being a vital part of a small but growing company, where everyone is involved in building the business
  • Bringing your knowledge and experience to a diverse range of projects - many of which are high profile and challenging to deliver
  • Working with a wide range of clients from government, regulatory and private sectors
  • Sharing experience and learning from each other within the Risk Solutions team

Cick on the links below to find out what skills we look for in our consulting staff and what it is like to work for Risk Solutions:

Consulting skills

As a Risk Solutions Consultant you will spend most of your time winning and delivering client assignments. Depending on your experience, you are likely to start by supporting more senior consultants working on existing assignments, with a view to developing the experience and expertise needed to lead projects and win business directly.

If you want to become a Consultant with us you will need to:

  • Have a good grounding in business, science, mathematics or engineering
  • Have a strong interest in management and business issues
  • Be numerate, articulate and comfortable working with people
  • Have good time and project management skills
  • Thrive on challenges - such as developing new client relationships, finding new solutions to business problems and working on these projects through to implementation
  • Be self starting, tenacious and passionate about what you do
  • Have experience of working in a business environment.

Working and learning

All of our consulting staff have home offices, although a significant proportion of our time is spent working with clients or from one of our two offices. A key feature is the mobility of our staff who are provided with everything they need to work wherever they are.

We recognise that working from home brings its own unique pressures, so we take measures to combat isolation and promote team working, such as working in project teams, regular team meetings and various team-oriented development activities.

Risk Solutions understands that the performance of its people is crucial to its continued success and consequently places a major emphasis on personal and team development.

Personal development

Each Consultant is assigned a Mentor who will help with personal development by identifying development opportunities that take account of personal desires and business needs. You will share responsibility for making it happen together with your Mentor and our Development Manager.

  • Training courses can be provided to fill specific skills gaps and internal projects may be undertaken to broaden your experience (for example carrying out Risk Solutions' research projects or taking responsibility for an internal business process)
  • We encourage people to apply for relevant qualifications (such as Institute of Risk Management membership) and often support can be provided for ongoing education (such as an MBA)
  • A range of literature and training material is available for personal use in our library

Team development

Regular team meetings support team, business and product development, and provide an opportunity for our staff to get together socially.

In addition to the team meetings, development days are organised throughout the year to develop our skills. Examples would be:

  • Business tools and consultancy techniques taught by external specialists
  • Speakers from client organisations invited to discuss issues within their industry
  • Internal workshops run by our own Consultants to develop specific skills in risk management
  • Team events held at locations away from the office

A man sits as many risks as he runs.

Henry David Thoreau