Case Study - London Underground: Standards Change

Client: London Underground
Sector: the transport sector
Services delivered: performance improvement

Review of Rolling Stock Standards

London Underground's engineering standards are a primary risk control mechanism and have evolved to become highly prescriptive. The standards perform a central role in the Public Private Partnership and, to allow the Infracos freedom to manage the assets in innovative ways that suit their business, the output requirements need to be stated in a clear and coherent way. Risk Solutions is reviewing the current suite of over 140 rolling stock standards, distilling them into a smaller set that identify mandatory requirements and are clearly risk-based.

Essentially the objective is to manage the transition from one risk management regime to another. The important safety implications for LUL mean that the rationale for the changes must be robust and auditable. We are achieving this by developing a series of risk-control matrices that classify individual clauses in the existing standards and map them onto the new suite, thereby establishing a full audit trail.