Case Study - RSSB: Reducing Assaults on Staff

Client: Rail Safety and Standards Board
Sector: the transport sector

As a nation we have rising expectations of customer service and are more likely to allow frustrations to boil over into verbal or physical assaults. The TUC’s report “Violent Times” showed that 1 in 5 workers is likely to be assaulted or abused each year and that enforcement and public service staff were most vulnerable. Public transport is ranked fourth in terms of the probability of being victim of an assault and first in terms of the probability of being victim to a threat.

The HSE is concerned about the rising trend and set a target to reduce the number of assaults on railway staff by 10%. The industry committed itself to achieving this reduction and Railway Safety commissioned a consortium, led by Risk Solutions, to investigate the problem and produce detailed recommendations. With our partners, MORI and Crime Concern, we reviewed best practice within the UK rail industry and other related sectors (air transport, health and retail) and developed a framework to assess, for particular train operators, which mix of countermeasures would be most effective.