Case Study - Tube Lines: Track Investment Planning for the Tube

Client: Tube Lines
Sector: the transport sector
Services delivered: asset management

London Underground’s track assets are valued at over £2.5bn and have suffered from decades of under-investment. The Public Private Partnership was conceived to address this backlog through the injection of private sector funding, and it is a requirement of the PPP Contract that the infrastructure maintenance contractors improve overall asset condition whilst complying with mandatory performance standards.

The Whole Life Asset Plan – Track Planning System (WLAP-TPS) has been developed by Risk Solutions, in partnership with InfraCo JNP (now Tube Lines) and Serco, to model track degradation with time, and the remedial effects of alternative renewals or replacement strategies. WLAP-TPS is being used by Tube Lines to explore the impact of alternative investment strategies on future track condition and performance. The model allows trade-offs between risk, performance and asset health to be evaluated so that optimal financial decisions can be made. The results of this analysis have been incorporated into Tube Lines’ 7.5 year investment plan.