Case Study - Railway Procurement Agency: Risk Review for the Dublin Tram

Client: Railway Procurement Agency (RPA)
Sector: the transport sector, central government
Services delivered: providing assurance

The Irish Government is investing heavily in Dublin’s transport infrastructure and the Luas tram system is a central and high-profile part of its plans. The €775million project was procured by the Railway Procurement Agency and is operated by Connex Ireland. Passenger service operations started in June 2004 and, prior to this milestone, the RPA asked us to perform an independent review of the safety risks associated with the operational phase. The review had two objectives: to give the RPA assurance that the key risks were being managed and identify how it could monitor safety performance over the coming years.

Our approach was to assess the processes used to identify and manage the key risks by reviewing documents and interviewing key people on the project. We found that safety risks had been given careful consideration throughout the project and, by adhering to best practice and involving key stakeholders in safety decisions, we were confident that the risks were being well managed. To identify appropriate monitoring arrangements we developed a risk framework linking individual hazards to top events and used it to consider the extent to which trends in the number of incidents or precursors could be used as safety performance measures.