Case Study - RSSB: Improving Safety Communications

Client: Rail Safety and Standards Board
Sector: the transport sector
Services delivered: performance improvement

Improving safety performance is important to many of our clients and none more so than the Rail Safety and Standards Board. Over recent years we have worked on a wide range of projects including various initiatives to reduce human error – particularly in the area of Signals Passed at Danger, or SPADs. In a recent project we investigated the effectiveness of various media used by the rail industry to communicate key safety messages. This found that the material was of a high standard, but that the quality of local briefings and company safety culture was more variable, and had a measurable effect on performance at reducing SPADs.

To raise the standard of briefings generally, RSSB commissioned Risk Solutions to develop a good practice guide on safety communications. The guide took the form of an A5 booklet addressing topics from the competencies and skills of briefers to developing a communications strategy and practical tips on conducting a briefing ‘to remember’. The guide concludes by describing how to evaluate the safety briefing process and describes our system of benchmarking good communications practice.

Download a copy of the RSSB Safety Communications Good Practice Handbook