Case Study - HSE: Evaluation of Topic Based Inspection

Client: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Sector: the transport sector, the energy sector, independent regulators, central government, major public events
Services delivered: overview , evaluation , performance improvement

Helping Reduce Occupational Health & Safety Risk

As part of its drive to improve occupational health and safety performance in the UK, HSE identified a set of priority hazards in key sectors, where it judged that focusing effort would realise most benefit.

Topic Based Inspection (TBI) was introduced by the Field Operations Directorate (FOD) in April 2002 as a practical mechanism to reflect these priorities during inspection activities.

Risk Solutions was commissioned by the HSE to evaluate whether or not TBI has delivered the intended benefits. The work involved the application of a variety of qualitative survey and quantitative analysis methods to establish:

  • how well TBI had been implemented;
  • how it had been received by business;
  • what evidence there was to link TBI to delivery of national occupational health and safety targets; and
  • whether or not there were any other benefits being realised from the approach.

The HSE are using the results of this evaluation to help establish future priorities and ensure that it delivers best value to society.