Case Study - DVLA: Review of Medical Driver Licensing

Client: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
Sector: the transport sector, central government
Services delivered: evaluation , engaging the public , performance improvement

DVLA’s medical driver licensing process determines whether drivers with medical conditions are safe to drive and has been little changed since its introduction in the 1970s. Advances in medical science and vehicle technology coupled with increasing car dependency and changing demographics persuaded DVLA that an independent review of the process was needed.

Risk Solutions was appointed to conduct the review in January 2005. Our approach included extensive consultation with interested parties and benchmarking the process against that employed in other countries and relevant industries. These activities, plus a major literature review, identified numerous ways to increase awareness of the need to notify DVLA, improve the decision-making process and provide greater support to people who lose their licences.

Qualitative analysis of the options identified those likely to enjoy public support and which aligned well with DVLA’s objectives. Modelling of the caseload then enabled us to estimate the level of under-reporting and the effect of different options on caseload and costs.

Our final report was issued in December and our findings were presented at a conference organised by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety in February 2006. The report will be published when DVLA goes out to public consultation planned for later this year.

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