Case Study - ODI: Independent living action and learning sites scoping study

Client: Office for Disability Issues
Sector: central government, local & regional government


Following the cross-government Independent Living Strategy, the Office for Disability Issues (ODI) is considering running two demonstration projects to support government commitments. The projects will aim to demonstrate how existing systems can be changed to:

  • Improve choice and control for older people with high support needs 
  • change traditional assessment and care management and promote user-led support, advocacy and brokerage (SAB) services.

Risk Solutions conducted a scoping study with ODI to help inform the design of the two projects, each of which would involved three local authority-based Action and Learning Sites. We consulted over 80 stakeholders through focus groups, workshops and interviews including disabled people, senior and middle management in Local Authorities, and third sector and user-led organisations.

We concluded that both initiatives will involve significant change both culturally and operationally for the local authorities involved and their partner organisations. Consequently it would be important that people at all levels in these organisations, and at regional and national government are fully engaged with, and committed to, the aims of the sites.

Our recommendations took the form of outline plans for the sites focusing on the activities needed to initiate the sites.

We also developed a research and analysis framework to measure the effects of the initiatives, in terms of their costs and also impacts on service users, commissioners, service providers and interagency working.

On this project, we worked with Ann Macfarlane and Professor Gerald Wistow, specialists in this area.