Case Study - Highways Agency: Regional Safety Risk Model for Roads

Client: Highways Agency
Sector: the transport sector, central government

Ensuring a Risk Based Approach

The Highways Agency is keen to ensure that a risk based approach to managing safety across the Strategic Road Network (SRN) is embedded in its organisation.



Regional Approach

To maximise the benefits from using the Safety Risk Model to inform safety risk management decisions on the SRN, the Agency wanted it to be able to report at strategic road specific level, and to explore the impact of individual infrasctructure features

Developing the Model

Having developed the Safety Risk Model at national and regional level, we have gone on to develop the model to report at region-road level (strategic roads wothin each region), as well as incorporating features such as junction risk analysis and tools to explore the impacts of infrastructure configurations on safety risk. This involved a major re-engineering of the way the data is handled within the model to provide a more detailed and robust analysis.

We also worked closely with the client to transfer skills in data preparation and use of the model to enable the HA to be more self-sufficient in operating the model in future years.

The model is used to generate an annual report on the state of risk across the network and to inform regional risk managers of the areas they could be working on to reduce risks.