Case Study - Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Towards an holistic understanding of the drivers of poverty

Client: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Sector: not for profit

The 4 Ps of poverty: Pockets, Prospects, Prevention, Places

The challenge

Poverty is real, but not inevitable. The drivers of poverty however are complex and there is no simple, single solution. Poverty reduction requires a comprehensive and coherent effort aimed at tackling the underlying causes.

How we helped

Risk Solutions and DecisionLab are exploring with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) the feasibility of building a more holistic understanding of how the drivers and outcomes of poverty are connected.

Using the technique of influence diagramming we are helping JRF and their advisors build a picture (literally) of the underlying drivers of poverty, their interactions and how they relate to one another and poverty outcomes.


This is an exploratory project aimed at determining whether this type of approach can complement other more specialist research to:

    help shape conversations about long-term strategy
    show how modelling, evidence and policy development fit together
    identify gaps in the evidence base, and
    help identify indicators that will provide effective monitors of progress.