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This newsletter reported on our 2008 client event and three projects that we had recently completed.  At Risk Solutions we pride ourselves on our diverse mix of clients and the wide range of projects we work on.  The projects featured in this issue were to:

  • Define a research programme that is needed to form the basis of future negotiations on greenhouse gas stabilisation.
  • Develop an asset management strategy for London Underground's telecoms assets.
  • Develop and help implement an operational risk management framework for International Power.


2007 marked Risk Solutions' tenth anniversary and our first year of being an employee-owned business. This newsletter explains how we marked the occasion by refreshing our corporate identity and overhauling our website. The newsletter also describes three current projects:

  • Assessing whether safety critical rail staff who fail the industry's hearing standard could continue working if fitted with digital hearing aids
  • Investigating the relationship between traffic growth and measures to improve flows on journey time reliability for the Highways Agency
  • Scoping two projects to investigate options under the Office for Disability Issues' Independent Living Strategy.


  • Working with Targets - Our review of international experience of working with targets, especially in the public sector.
  • Risk Based Standards for Roads - Describing how we applied a risk-based approach to the introduction of radically different gantry designs on UK motorways.
  • PACTS - Describing our growing involvement on the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety. 
  • By Royal Command - Chris and Helen's appointment at the Palace. 
  • Richard, Jonathan and Mike join the team.


  • Announcing completion of our Management Buyout on 24 November 2006.


  • Review of Medical Driver Licensing - Reporting on our review of DVLA's process for deciding on the fitness to drive of people with medical conditions.
  • Modelling Tomorrow's Railway - Introducing our work on the DfT's Network Modelling Framework that will be used to evaluate strategic options for the UK's national rail network.
  • Modelling Bird Flu in the UK
  • How we applied our techniques for modelling foot and mouth disease to the latest animal health issue to hit our shores.
  • Moving our London office from Euston to Russell Square.

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