Publication of LST trial evaluation report

The DfT has published Risk Solutions' 2015 report on the evaluation of longer semi-trailers on GB roads.

The report can be found at the external link shown below.

Longer semi-trailers should help to reduce traffic and cut carbon emissions. The longer semi-trailer trial was launched in 2012 allowing companies to apply for a share of 1,800 allocations to operate longer vehicles until the trial ends in 2022.

The vehicles allow more goods to be transported at once, allowing operators to reduce the number of lorries on the road. The report shows that between 8.7 and 10.6 million vehicle kilometres have been saved by use of the longer semi-trailers in the trial so far, which means reduced emissions of carbon and other pollutants.

The report also shows that the longer semi-trailers are operating safely, with a lower rate of injury incidents than standard lorries. While these are still early results, there is currently no evidence that LSTs are less safe than standard HGVs.