Longer Semi-trailer trial 2016 annual report


Longer-semi trailers (LSTs) allow more goods to be transported at once, allowing operators to reduce the number of lorries on the road.

DfT are trialling use of these new trailers on roads in Great Britain and Risk Solutions have been retained since 2012 to carry out the independent evaluation of the trial.

The 2016 annual report was launched yesterday (20 September) at an event attended by representatives of the companies running LSTs and a wide range of other stakeholders.

The report shows that at the end of 2016, LSTs had covered 319km and saved in the region of 125-150,000 HGV journeys and are being operated with an injury incident rate only around one third of the average for the trailers they replace, even when operating on roads in urban areas.

Further information: The full annual report and separate summary document can be found on the Department for Transport's website (link provided below)

Trial participants can send any enquiries related to the data collection aspects of the trial to Risk Solutions on 01925 413984 or at LSTTrial@risksol.co.uk

Any enquiries not related to the data collection or analysis should be addressed directly to
Danny Herbert
Senior Policy Advisor, Freight, Operator Licensing and Roadworthiness Branch