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Risk resources

Risk management is a well established and evolving management discipline. As a result there is a large amount of material available on definitions, good practice, governance etc.

In this section, we provide a pointer towards some of the key documents, resources, definitions and web-sites that we have found useful. Since the discipline is evolving, new material appears on an almost daily basis so this section will never be 'complete'.

What we can guarantee, though, is that familiarity with the materials presented here will provide a solid foundation from which to base further research.

We would welcome comments on the usefulness of these resource pages. If you think that we have omitted references to important resources, please email us at enquiries@risksol.co.uk.

La natura è piena di infinite ragioni che non furono mai in esperientia - Nature is full of infinite causes that were never set forth in experience

Leonardo da Vinci