La natura è piena di infinite ragioni che non furono mai in esperientia - Nature is full of infinite causes that were never set forth in experience

Leonardo da Vinci

Strength in breadth

We work with blue chip organisations across industry and the public sector, applying our risk-based approach to a wide range of challenging problems. Our broad client base enables us to keep abreast of the latest analytical methods and bring that experience to bear in other sectors.

This part of our website describes how we support clients in some of our key markets but, as our client list shows, we are active in other sectors too. Our key markets are:

In each of these areas we have established a strong reputation for delivering intelligent solutions to intractable problems. This, and our determination to delight our customers, means that we build long term relationships with clients who keep coming back to us.

Wherever we work, we aim to help people become more aware of the factors most critical for their success, and to help them manage risk and uncertainty more effectively.