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Our services to local government

The Gershon review and the continuing drive for performance improvements more efficiently delivered has presented local authorities with many challenges.  Risk Solutions provides three types of service to local government:

  • Tailor made, effective risk management services, including training in risk identification and assessment
  • Support improving the performance of administration processes, particularly in the area of housing benefit and council tax benefit
  • Organisational reviews aimed at identifying constructive ways local authorities can help improve efficiency and effectiveness especially in the light of the changing performance management regime with reduced emphasis on centrally established and cascaded targets.

Examples of work include:

  • Risk Solutions was asked to conduct a ‘global’ review of risks to the 2004 Olympic torch relay through London and, in particular, the safety and welfare of spectators and participants.
  • In our research for DWP we have explored the cost of administering housing benefit and council tax benefit  identifying those factors that contribute to effective administration.
  • Risk Solutions’ developed a training guide for Bristol City Council which is offered as part of their support on the HHSRS to neighbouring councils.

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