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Asset management

Risk Solutions provides asset management services to capital intensive industries where there are complex system and plant interactions. Our services are orientated towards supporting our clients realise maximum business benefits through an optimal, whole life, practical and risk-based approach to managing their assets. Sectors we provide this support to include: rail transport, road transport, nuclear, oil & gas, power generation and distribution.

Our approach to delivery of asset management services is consistent with, and complementary to, the approach to asset management described in the publicly available specification: PAS55 - Asset Management.

Any best practice asset management system should be able to answer the following litmus test questions:

  • What assets do I have and where are they?
  • What condition are they in and how are they performing?
  • What do I need to do to them (e.g. regulatory or standards requirements) and what am I currently doing to them?
  • How much are they costing me?
  • What am I going to do to them?

These questions provide a powerful challenge because the information and data required to answer them, as well as the processes needed to keep this up to date, determines the business requirements of the asset management system.

The questions also provide a vital link between the asset management system and the overall business objectives.  A critical part of our work in this area is to establish and get agreement to the overall business objectives so that the benefits of better asset management are clearly articulated.


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