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Increasingly, organisations are recognising the importance of regular reviews of policies, programmes and initiatives to check whether they are performing as intended and providing value for money. Often this is considered after the fact with insufficient thought given before changes are introduced as to how to determine their success, or otherwise. This can make it very difficult to disentangle the impact of other factors on outcomes and also means that opportunities to improve initiatives during implementation are lost.

Risk Solutions can help both develop and embed evaluation frameworks as part of the design of an initiative, and carry out post implementation evaluation. Our systematic approach:

  • Brings together opinion from different disciplines including, for example, science and engineering, social science and economics
  • Uses a range of methods to gather information, triangulating results wherever possible
  • Challenges our own assumptions, and actively seeks independent challenge.

We use structured frameworks to direct both collation and analysis of evaluation information including consideration of:

  • Inputs, items such as financial inputs, competencies, data and infrastructure
  • Activities or processes that uses the inputs to deliver outputs
  • the Outputs necessary for outcomes to be achieved
  • Outcomes or impacts, the end products of the initiative and the risks to successful delivery
  • The delivery context and the counterfactual (what would have happened in the absence of the change).

Considering risk explicitly in the design of the evaluation allows measures to be built in to enable early detection of problems and allow prompt action to be taken. By applying these methods and by always being honest about the level and nature of any uncertainty, we can provide decision makers with robust information even where ‘hard’ data is sparse, or impacts difficult to measure.

Our expertise in evaluation has been built up over many years working with clients such as the Rail Safety and Standards Board, Defra and the HSE. It has included projects as diverse as developing an evaluation framework for an ambitious sustainable environmental management programme for Defra and establishing the effectiveness of a new targeted inspection regime for the HSE.


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