Department for Transport

DfT works with its agencies and partners to support the transport network that helps the UK’s businesses and gets people and goods travelling around the country. DfT plans and invests in transport infrastructure to keep the UK on the move.


  • Feasibility of a GB trial of longer-heavier vehicles (Stage 1)
    Many countries across Europe and around the world permit some limited use of a special class of HGVs commonly referred to as Longer-Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) to carry 50% more goods on a single trip than standard articulated trucks, where the roads are suitable. Use of LHVs is has been growing across Europe since the early ...
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  • Longer Semi-Trailer Trial
    GB Longer Semi-trailer Trial (LST):  UPDATE 10 May 2023 DfT Announces new regulations for widespead use of LSTs and end date for trial
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  • Drug Driving evaluation
    Our evaluation of the first year of operation of the drug driving legislation introduced in 2015 has been published by the Department for Transport.
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