Eleanor Baker

Eleanor enjoys the satisfaction of delivering results and advice that are of direct value to clients, and working closely with them to ensure that projects genuinely achieve this. Her experience is primarily in the transport and  environmental sectors, where she is quick to grasp the constraints under which organisations operate, so her approach and recommendations are realistic and relevant to the issues.

With a numerical background she combines a highly analytical approach with excellent communication skills. Eleanor is a capable designer and developer of databases, spreadsheet tools and models, including agent-based modelling systems.  She has extensive experience of data elicitation techniques and is a practised interviewer, drawing out stakeholder views and pulling together any emerging consensus.

Eleanor lives near Bristol.  She has a worryingly intelligent son, a husband who almost blew up a full size steam engine while claiming it was ‘work’, and a house to rebuild. She runs – a lot!

MA (Hons) Physics (Balliol College, Oxford); MSc Environmental Technology (Imperial College London); Diploma in Transport (Distinction)

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