Since opening for business in 1997, Risk Solutions has established a reputation as a provider of high quality, insightful management consultancy with a focus on supporting the public sector, both in central government and national agencies, as well as working for local government, private organisations and the voluntary sector.

Originally a business within AEA Technology plc, we have been employee-owned since 2006.  Since 2018 the company has operated as team of six equal partners, all of whom are directors and equal shareholders in the company. 

Beyond our own team, we operate by drawing together teams from a wide range of associates and partners – many of whom we have worked with for many years. 

We are committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, and although our impact is small we believe every little bit helps.  You are welcome to read our Carbon Reduction Plan and Environmental Policy for more information.

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Our Staff...

  • Jonathan HydeJonathan Hyde
    Jonathan worked in a variety of engineering, consulting and sales roles prior to joining Risk Solutions.  He is a very able analytical modeller, using object-oriented programming to create data analysis applications and agent-based models.  He has particular expertise handling and linking large and diverse datasets, and using visualisation tools to interpret complex data.  He has a strong track record in engaging with stakeholders to capture requirements and gather data to support evaluations and modelling using semi structured and structured interviews, online surveys, focus groups and workshops. Jonathan lives in Derby with a dentist and a big motorbike – both of which he loves and is married to, but only one legally so.  He spends some Saturdays clearing up other people’s gardens, but ...
  • Helen WilkinsonHelen Wilkinson
    Helen has worked for a wide range of public sector clients including Defra, BEIS, HSE and DfT, often at senior levels of policy development, including reporting directly to ministers. Her work has supported formulation of policy, development of management systems and all aspects of evaluation and review.  Perhaps her most influential work has been in the areas of animal disease management, and water abstraction policy reform. Helen is a member of the Executive Group of CECAN – the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (of Water, Food, Energy and Environment).  In this role she was a co-author to the Annex on Complexity in the 2019 revision of the UK Treasury ‘Magenta Book’. She represents Risk Solutions at the Parliamentary ...
  • Chris ReesChris Rees
    Chris has worked at a strategic level in the government, environment, energy and transport sectors.  He uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyse and interpret different types of data and is our most experienced practitioner of holistic risk assessment and decision modelling methods. He brings his expertise to bear on appraisal and evaluation, including value for money studies and cost-benefit analysis.  He has deep experience in helping organisations implement efficient and effective risk management systems.  Chris is a member of CECAN ( the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (of Water, Food, Energy and Environment) and an expert at using participative techniques to develop models of complex systems. Chris lives in Bath and if he was not working ...
  • Paul BrandPaul Brand
    Paul specialises in complex assignments requiring the combination of technical understanding with the ability to bring together diverse stakeholder groups.  He has experience presenting and liaising with senior policy makers, including reporting at Ministerial level. An engineer by training, he has an extensive background in risk management as well as strong IT and data analysis skills.  He has in-depth experience in the transport, environmental, power, water and third sectors, with some activity in healthcare and local government.  Paul took nine years out from Risk Solutions to manage organisational development (OD) and change for an international charity, including five years based in their HQ in Singapore, working on worldwide changes to their governance, finance, HR and pensions. He has studied organisational development with ...
  • Eleanor BakerEleanor Baker
    Eleanor enjoys the satisfaction of delivering results and advice that are of direct value to clients, and working closely with them to ensure that projects genuinely achieve this. Her experience is primarily in the transport and  environmental sectors, where she is quick to grasp the constraints under which organisations operate, so her approach and recommendations are realistic and relevant to the issues. With a numerical background she combines a highly analytical approach with excellent communication skills. Eleanor is a capable designer and developer of databases, spreadsheet tools and models, including agent-based modelling systems.  She has extensive experience of data elicitation techniques and is a practised interviewer, drawing out stakeholder views and pulling together any emerging consensus. Eleanor lives near Bristol.  She has ...
  • Michelle BoathMichelle Boath
    BSc (Hons) Chemical Engineering, Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Distinction), Manchester Business School, Winner of Halifax Prize 2001 for Executive MBA Programme We are sad to announce that our friend and colleague Michelle Boath passed away on 21 April 2021.  Michelle was an integral part of the Risk Solutions’ team, joining the company in 1999 after an earlier career as a process engineer in the nuclear industry.  After gaining her MBA and making a short diversion into the work of investment banking, she returned to Risk Solutions in 2002, becoming finance director in 2017.  We knew her both as a friend and business partner for 10 or, in some cases, 20 years. Michelle’s contribution to Risk Solutions was enormous, bringing not only ...
HM Treasury publish the Magenta Book Supplementary Guide on Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation, co-authored by risk solutions as members of a CECAN team

Risk Solutions and the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) has produced supplementary guidance for the 2020 revision of the Magenta Book, published on 1st April. The Magenta Book, published by HM Treasury, is the key UK Government resource on evaluation, setting out central government guidance…Read More