WSP is a worldwide, leading consultancy and engineering company working across Transport and Infrastructure, Property and Buildings, Environment and Energy, and Industry and Resources. Risk Solutions has had a 10-year partnership with WSP working on a range of innovation and research projects, mainly in the transport sector.

We choose to work with WSP because of their breadth of expertise in engineering and operations across a wide range of clients and sectors we hold in common. We also find that they share our ethos of high quality, intelligent and responsive delivery.


  • Understanding the Impact of Interacting Risks
    Climate change affects many sectors, but the way that climate change risks interact between sectors is not well understood. Risk Solutions are working with climate resilience experts from WSP, ADAS and UCL, helping the Climate Change Committee (CCC) better understand how climate related risks interact and how the effects of risks cascading through ...
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  • Development of a Network Performance Model
    The network performance model (NPM) was developed for Highways England by Risk Solutions. It is a software model that supports analysis of traffic performance on the strategic road network (SRN). It is used by the HA national intelligence unit (NIU) to support their analysis of network performance. Highways England uses this type of analysis ...
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  • Developing a Safety Risk Model
    Risk Solutions has developed a comprehensive Safety Risk Model that analyses the risks to road users, road workers and Traffic Officers associated with the operation, maintenance and improvement of the Strategic Road Network (SRN) in England. The work involves sophisticated data analytics and visualisation of complex road safety risk.
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  • Drug Driving evaluation
    Our evaluation of the first year of operation of the drug driving legislation introduced in 2015 has been published by the Department for Transport.
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  • Value for money decision support tool for HS2
    HS2 Ltd faces many design decisions in the delivery of high speed rail in the UK. Each design decision has cost implications, and crucially, implications for delivery of benefits. WSP and Risk Solutions have created a whole life value tool for HS2. HS2 and ITS contractors are now using the tool to measure and compare ...
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  • Longer Semi-Trailer Trial
    Longer-semi trailers (LSTs) allow more goods to be transported at once, allowing operators to reduce the number of lorries on the road for the same total quantity of cargo. DfT are trialling use of these new trailers on roads in Great Britain and Risk Solutions have been retained since 2012 to carry out the independent evaluation ...
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