Feasibility of a GB trial of longer-heavier vehicles (Stage 1)

Should DfT run a GB trial of LHVs?

Graphic showing 5 general designs of LHVs used in EuropeMany countries across Europe permit some limited use of a special class of HGVs commonly referred to as Longer-Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) to carry more goods on a single trip than standard articulated trucks, where the roads are suitable.  Use of LHVs in a range of formats shown here, has been growing across Europe since the early 2000s and for much longer in countries like Norway and Sweden.

What we did

The Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned consultants WSP, Apollo Vehicle Safety and Risk Solutions to undertake a feasibility study of whether a GB national trial of Longer Heavier Vehicles (LHVs) could be conducted, and if so, how would such a trial be designed. For the study, LHVs up to 25.25m and 50 or 60 tonnes (Gross Vehicle Weight) were considered.

From this Stage 1 work, a LHV trial feasibility study final report was published on 22 August 2022, exploring the possibility of running a LHV trial in Great Britain and some of the likely challenges, along with an extensive literature review report incorporating insights from around 50 published and unpublished documents relating to worldwide LHV trials.

DfT then commissioned further work (Stage 2) in 2023-4 to look at the practical feasibility of such a trial.   This included an industry survey to assess the nature and scale of demand for LHVs, engage with stakeholders including the national roads authorities and to consider how any such trial would be conducted, monitored and evaluated.


Stage 1 Report and DfT policy statement

Stage 1 Literature Review

Original Knight 2008 report

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